Monday, December 11, 2006

Vomiting, Diarrhea and Shepherd's Outfit

What a 24 hours... Saturday we drove with Barnaby and Amelia into Oxfordshire to pick up a new laptop for Dad that he bought on ebay on Friday night. We'd had a good couple of nights with Sheep putting Amelia to sleep and her taking the bottle. However, over the last 24 hours it's all gone to pot. Yesterday day evening I think Amelia finally twigged that the bottle was it. Permanent, no going back, and she became outraged and went on strike. She wailed from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am. She howled and arced her back and went rigid as a board if you tried to pick her up. I tried to comfort her at one stage and when she realised that I wasn't going to nurse her she tried to kick me away, in floods of angry tears. This set me off too (this was about midnight) and then Barnaby woke up and he was crying too. Poor Sheep didn't know where to turn as all three of us were howling.

Today, we somehow made it to meeting, given the awful night we'd had. Aititi (my father) left early this morning and we didn't get to see him again. Still it was lovely to have seen him and Barnaby and Amelia got to spend some time with him on the way to Abingdon yesterday... In the afternoon, I began, with Barnaby, to make him a shepherd's costume. I'd got my date's muddled and hadn't realised that his Christmas play is tomorrow. Eeek. I'd ordered a costume online but I would be surprised if it arrives much before Tuesday/Wednesday. So, I thought I'd better set to and do something myself. Barnaby found the sewing machine fascinating and got very good at working the levers (lifting the foot up) and helping to feed the cloth through while I pressed the pedal. Then he got bored and drifted into the living room where Sheep was looking after Amelia and watching "Appollo 13". However, at tea time Barnaby suddenly said that he's not feeling too well and is then promptly sick all over the kitchen floor, twice. Plus it looks like he might have diarrhea again, which would mean 48 hours off nursery (so no Shepherd in the play anyway?). We packed him off to bed and after a couple of hours of reading stories to him (I kid you not - 2 hours...) I came back down and have been sewing his shepherd costume from 9 pm until midnight. (after spending half an hour of cleaning up vomit, of course (Sheep, my hero, dealt with the 'other mess'!)). I thought that I'd better finish his costume, just in case; if I hadn't, he would be guaranteed to be right as rain tomorrow.

How does anyone survive this? I feel like I'm just lurching from one thing to another. Plus, I'm still deeply upset about Amelia's reaction to her weaning. I almost gave in last night, I was that upset. Also, I've been grumpy because my breasts have been so tender. I don't remember it being this painful last time - today has been the first day since Thursday morning that I am beginning to feel human again and not some pneumatic punch-bag.


At 9:11 am, Anonymous aititi said...

Let's hope that it is all easy sailing from now on. Of course it won't be, but you deserve a rest!

At 1:14 pm, Anonymous Jenni said...

Oh dear oh dear - it's all very difficult! You do indeed deserve a rest, and it will get there eventually.

Did you manage to get to the laptop seller guy in the end on Sat? Sorry I couldn't do the looking up for you..

Will ring during the week for a chat and to see about meeting up some time.

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