Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nursery Collection Nightmare

Both Sheep and I had to be away from MK today, but not, as we originally thought, at UCL. There were course presentations taking place and we were both meant to be in attendance; to our surprise they were taking place at the Museum of Domestic Architecture (MODA) near Cockfosters in Middlesex. We quickly discovered that it would take considerable time to get the train into London and then two tubes and bus out again.... So we decided to drive (only 48 miles). Consequently, we dropped off Barnaby and Amelia at nursery early and sped off down to MODA, leaving nursery with my mothers (Nanny's) number, just in case. It took us about an hour to get there and an intense but stimulating day was had by us both. (Pity we didn't have time to look around the museum, it looked interesting). We left immediately after the last presentation, shortly after four, thinking that we'd have plenty of time to return, only to hit traffic on the M1; our average speed on the motorway was about 30mph (and at times about 7 mph). The nursery closes at 6:00 and usually, I go to collect them at about 5:00, typically picking them up between 5:15-5:30. Well, you can imagine, we were clock watching, trying to scan ahead, working out times, calling my mother, calling nursery etc. and eventually we thought we'd make it (having left the M1 and taken the A5 for the final stretch), only to be held up on the roundabout just outside Loughton... In the end it was about 6:05 when we collected them and luckily they'd not be slung out onto the streets... but we felt terrible. However, they seemed happy enough, or was it relief to see us? I'm not sure. Poor Barnaby and Amelia... Still, they seemed to have had a good day, despite our anxieties!

Post script. Barnaby's shepherd outfit arrived in the post today. It turns out that I had ordered it, unknowingly from a shop in Stony Stratford! Ha ha! So perhaps I will be able to return it....


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